So you have a compactor, or even multiple compactors and would like to reduce your cost...

If your compactors are being serviced on a schedule, you could be paying way too much. If your employees are making the call for service, you could still be paying more than necessary. If you have a broker managing your compactors for you, you may be still paying more than necessary.

As you know, waste does not accumulate in a uniform fashion, thus a scheduled service of your compactor is either too early or too late, but almost never on time. With a monitor your compactor will always be pulled at an optimum time without fail.

Employees are assigned other duties besides watching a compactor and its level of fullness. At best, the pressure gauge is not as reliable as is necessary to make optimum decisions. With our monitor we actually take over six hundred readings of the pressure per minute of operation. We have much better information in deciding when the compactor is near full than any employee can determine. Next your employee has to make a phone call when the compactor is determined to be near full. It may be immediately or four hours later or even the next day, delaying the timely service of your compactor. Sometimes it is necessary to expediate the hauler, which takes more of your employee's precious time.

With the monitoring system, the right time to contact the hauler happens automatically, and the hauler is notified within three minutes of the need to be serviced. Next, our system now monitors your hauler for a response to our request for service. If the hauler does not check in with a service date, we will automatically expediate the request. Once the service date is determined, we continue to monitor the hauler. If the hauler does not indicate that the service is completed within a reasonable time period, the hauler is expediated a second time. Our service system handles the whole task in a methododical manner so you don't have to worry.

Now, as for brokers, there are many very good ones in the market place. They make their money by saving you money and managing the hauler/client relationship for services. Most of them still rely on polling compactors for pressure information using older technology developed by competitors. The timeliness of their compactor service is directly related to how often they check the compactor. Our monitoring system is proactive, it is always checking your compactor. Thus our monitor can always outperform the average broker.

Since the length of the service time of a compactor can be a factor in your employee's work schedule, we take monitoring one step beyond everyone else. We will monitor and report exactly when the compactor is picked up and when it is returned. This information provides a good measure of how well you hauler is servicing your account. We record the date and time when the request is made, when the hauler records the service date, when the container is picked up, when the container is returned. We also provide online information for our clients showing all of this detail.

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